Somalia - Until children dying - the worst humanitarian disaster in the world

DAI KUROKAWA 29 06 2011

DADAAB REFUGEE CAMP, KENYA. The bigest refugee camp in the world is over control. Famine desease rise again. Refugees fleeing the region's worst drought in 60 years. We are scared to come back in the same disaster than 1992. in july 2011, it's a vision of hell at the Dabaab camp. World's biggest refugee camp sees alarming spike in child deaths. The situation in drought-hit Somalia can be described as the "worst humanitarian disaster" in the world.

The UN is appealing for "massive support" from the international community for the more than 380,000 people estimated to be living in Dadaab. The World Food Programme estimates that more than 10 million people are already in need of humanitarian aid, with the UN Children's Fund estimating at least two million children are suffering from malnourishment. Those children are in need of lifesaving action, the UN says.1,500 people were arriving in Dadaab every day and that the situation was extremely serious. Most of the arrivals to the camps are women and very young children, many of whom are in very bad physical condition. The people that are arriving are absolutely desperate after 10-15 days walking. Thousands more are waiting at reception centres outside the Dadaab camp.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres said that those at the camp were "the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable of the vulnerable"."The mortality rates we are witnessing are three times the level of emergency ceilings," he said. He appealing for "massive support" from the international community."I have no doubt that in today's world, Somalia corresponds to the worst humanitarian disaster. I have never seen in a refugee camp people coming in such desperate conditions."

UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres after a visit in the camp ,Mukoya Thomas


a child in refugee graves where birds dancing around bodies - 22 agust 2009, Spencer Platt

Sayyid Azim 6 july 2011

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