Border Art - Paseo de la humanidad

This sculpture mounted on the wall is supposed to depict the 2 sides of the border, the people moving across it and what they bring with them. The highly symbolic figures are based on ancient mesoamerican pictograms where people are depicted with icons floating above their heads to indicate who they are.

this art is by Alberto Morackis and Guadalupe Serrano.

Nogales Border Wall - 7

This installation was oriented towards the deaths of migrants in the desert and the humanity of the migration phenomenon. In this piece, the figures are depicted by images from the borderlands. Fruits, vegetables, bombs, the Statue of Liberty, and household appliances all help to build the images of other figures as they represent society on the border.

Wall Mural in Nogales

These giants were constructed from post-industrial maquiladora material, an aspect of their identity that complicates their interpretation. Are they pushing the wall down? Are they holding the wall up? Who are they?

Wall Mural in Nogales

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