In 2009, 10 Nigerian photographers came together and embarked on a project called INVISIBLE BORDERS 2009 – a trip from Lagos to Bamako by road. The project was inspired by the 8th edition of the Festival of photography in Bamako.

This initiative arose as a result of an urgent need to address the notion of dividing borders between countries in the African continent. It was an attempt to acquire a more realistic sense of the similarities and difference between peoples suggested by cultural and geographical divides. The mission of the Initiative is to tell Africa’s stories, by Africans, through photography and inspiring artistic interventions; to encourage exposure of upcoming African photographers towards art and photography as practiced in other parts of the continent.; to establish a platform that encourages and embraces trans- African artistic relationships within the continent, and to contribute towards the socio-political discourse shaping Africa of the 21st Century.

Later, it was decided that it becomes an annual event which will anchor itself to the different cultural and artistic events taking place all over the continent, thereby forming a cultural and artistic network between cities and countries in Africa from its departure point Lagos, Nigeria.

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