lampedusa festival 2011

LAMPEDUSAINFESTIVAL – “Festival of Migrations and the Recovery of Oral History”, from 19 to 23 July 2011, Lampedusa (Italy) – is to give space and visibility to international works (fiction or documentaries) that tell stories of people. In a historic moment in which there are many debates about issues that seemed to have been solved by the mediterranean countries (the rights of workers, the role of women in society) and full of new instances to wonder about (the revolts against the authoritarian and corrupt regimes, the attitude of the new/old Europe towards migratory flows, the value of the culture and the state of the artistic and environmental Italian heritage), we think that we should look at the faces, learn the names e know the stories of the people who are – voluntarily or not – leading actors in history.

Lampedusa In Festival 2011 from Ondemotive on Vimeo.

Aspettando "LampedusaInFestival - III° Edizione" (19 - 23 luglio 2011)

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