Tomorrow we will be deported - Chronic of a refugee

2011, African Diaspora in Europe lost any hope for the future. Democracy rising in Tunisia, Egypt & Libya were strongly crushed by new dictatorial putsch in 2012. Those totalitarian movements were aplenty funded by European Governments for exploited safely new supplies of oil under control. Asylum seeker status declared a crime in 2013 after Schengen reforms. The following year, European governments started rising fences all around Mediterranean shores which increase drowned death of 110%. New internal borders were been created only for control refugees and migrant activity. In 2015, extreme right political parties have the majority in European national governments & start a massive deportation of non European people. Immigrants & refugees were excluded in suburbs ghettos and submitted id controls each 3 month. Mixed-wedding was prohibited & children of undocumented aliens can't have access to basic education. School administration & teachers report all suspicious pupil detected. Religious tolerance was banned and Muslim communities under apartheid. What will be the next ?

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