Top Twentyfive - 1st International Contemporary Art Fair in North Africa

TOP TWENTYFIVE First International Contemporary Art Fair specialized on the African Continent and the Mediterranean. 25 galleries which represent the quality of artists in the African and Mediterranean regions.

In 2011, TOP TWENTYFIVE will officially open a new platform with a concept of Fair and meeting designed to adapt to the new challenges of the art world, the economy and international culture.

Morocco's have got divers contemporary artists creators, as well as the formation of a professional system in the country by means of art galleries, museums, collections and publications, have turned it into a strategic spot in which professionals of the art world, collectors and art gallery owners from different countries can find their place. It has established an artistic dialogue between the East and the West, held by a country that is now at its peak in terms of spreading and creation of contemporary art.

TOP TWENTYFIVE encourages meetings and dialogue through the most representative artistic expressions from the East and the West.

TOP TWENTYFIVE pays particular attention to the latest visual expressions; besides, being it an INTERNATIONAL FAIR, it will specially emphasize the participation of the GALLERIES and PUBLISHERS that have excelled the most in their field through their activities and international impact.

Estimulate the art market means empowering all the industry that is necessary to bring its product closer and closer to most of the citizens; it means opening new fields to creation and knowledge, and it means broadening the intellectual debates that make us reflect and shape our own criteria.

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