Photography - Ghetto edge, fence of silence

Ghetto edge, fence of silence examines the concept of Fortress Europe. The images captured at the limits of the this area allows us to see the dangers that can produce a inhumane European immigration policy. In the context of its southern border militarisation from several decades, UE building isolation with its neighbours on the banks of the eastern coast of Africa. The development of migrant internment centers (CIE) has opened a new era of concentration and deportation. Unprecedented since the closing of the extermination camps in World War II, European government’s reducer rights and freedoms to refugees, practice administrative detention followed to deportations of thousands of people. Those facts reveal contemporary alteration of human rights in Europe.

Because today immigrants and refugees are persecuted, deprived of their freedoms and fundamentals rights we present this collection Ghetto Edge. Fence of silence. A reflection about perspectives that give European isolationism, the ghettos that occur in its suburbs, in their daily expulsions, the criminalization of refugees and immigrants increase every day a little more. Ex prolonged arbitrary detentions are unjustified and without charges to 18 months, forced turns, increase of some inhuman and degrading treatment in deportation centers. Because the strength of Europe is built on a total discretion, Ghetto Edge grating breaks the silence and open the debate on the future of the people who put their lives in danger to access to their mobility rights.

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