When we read all them article about Schengen reform, I'm surprise to see European response of democratic spring in North Africa. In resum, Europe close the door, make war in Libya for oil & and increase border controls for all them poor people. I'm so sad to see the situation for refugees. All look like so locked. With frontex politic, employment discrimination facts, raids & police controls create a daily nightmare for imigrant they try to survive. refugees & Asilyum status in a fundamental right but in 2011, isn't a reality in Europe. When we see the European answer the last week of North African exodus we wish to give some statistic of refugees facts.

UE lock the borders cause they think they have got too much of them in them area. The third world are real host of them. Why UE don't wish to recieve them ? If Europe is the real place of Human rights and Democracy why they don't help and do soliddarity ? What about increase of Far-right politics in Holland, Danemark, Italy, Finland, Germany & France since 5 years ? What's happen in Europe really ? The fact is Refugees is a human rights and every people in the world can moving as they wish.

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