Art and Activism Come Together to Make DREAM a Reality

visual activism has played an important role throughout history. From civil rights, labor unions, women’s rights, migrant’s rights and any other injustice we’ve fought for, artists have carried the voice of millions through a single poster, flier or composition of music. Through campaigns such as Alto Arizona, Wordstrike and Soundstrike, artists were able to engage creatively in fighting the unlawful treatment of immigrants. And even though much activism has moved online, the power of the poster is never going away—it’s.

More recently, we see artists coming out to support the DREAM Act. The proposed bill would allow undocumented youth with a clean criminal record who were brought to the country before the age of 16 the right to apply for permanent residency if they commit two years to the military or higher education.

Favianna Rodriguez

Julio Salgado

Santiago Uceda

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